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CPRI with ODC(male) connector
    Publish time 2020-09-11 08:18    

CPRI with ODC(male) connector

CPRI with ODC(male) connector
Single-Mode Fiber:G657A1 or A2       Multi-Mode Fiber:OM2
Name:Flexi System fibers                   Connector Type: ODC
Cable diameter: 5mm or 7mm             Jacket material: LSZH , OFNR

ODC connectors are designed for the fiber to antenna(FTTA) applications,ODC fiber optic connector can withstand harsh environmental conditions when being used in outdoor applications. They are used for data and telecommunications in mobile radio, process, utility and traffic automation.
FiberStore provides all types of outdoor fiber connectors. These connectors meet the highest quality and robustness standards, and they offer reliability and flexibility for outdoor applications.
The odc connectors,together with the support optical cable,are becoming the standard interface specified in 3G,4G and WiMax Base Station remote radios and Fiber-to-the-Antenna applications.
The ODC cable assembly is based on the N Type RF Coax connector.

Technology Full ceramic ferrule and sleeve
Housing material Nickel plated brass
Mechanical performance ODC plug ≤1000 N tensile load≤30 N static side load
ODC socket ≤30 N tensile load
Installation torque force min.1Nm max.2Nm
Operating temperature IEC 61300 – 2 – 22 -40℃ up to +85℃
Mating durability 1000 cycle
Ingress protection(mate) IEC60529 Ip 68
Salt mist IEC61300-2-26 30 days passed
Vibration IEC61300-2-1 Pass 10-500Hz/10g
Shock IEC61300-2-9 Pass 100g